Online Catholic Grief Support Online Group

Heartfelt: An Online Catholic Grief Support Group

At Heartfelt, we openly celebrate the life of a loved one who has died. We do this by talking about them to people, openly and honestly. Grief can make you feel lost, alone, angry and sad at times.  At Heartfelt, we believe you deserve a safe place to talk about your loved one–and life after they’re gone. We listen to each other’s experience of loss, and we validate and accept you, for who you are right now. Guided by Catholic teachings and wisdom we explore faith through prayerful reflection, meditation and music.

We’re here to fill the gap in grief support with spiritual connection and community–creating a place where you feel you can belong, and opening a conversation about grief across Australia.

Heartfelt is an online Catholic Grief Support group. It is a benevolent charity independently supported to provide grief support for people who are alone and isolated in their grief. It is unique because it holds grief at the centre of faith and faith at the centre of grief. It a place where we make meaning and find meaning in community, with people who have a lived experience of grief. Heartfelt provides understanding, faith-based connections for people grieving loss through virtual Catholic grief support groups.

Our Mission

Inspired by faith, Heartfelt connects people to a safe place where experiences of grief are spoken about and listened to in a community of trust.

Our Purpose

We do this by creating a space to sit with grief, opening the conversation to support meaning-making and meaning-finding in grief and related experiences.

Our Vision

Through this, we will create a world where grieving people can openly discuss the pain of losing a loved one, while being accompanied by a trusted community.

No rushing out the door, no driving to random places – stay in the comfort of your own home.

With the Heartfelt online grief support group sessions, you get 1 hour a fortnight where you can feel supported and held by others.

The online program

  • This group support evening begins with a welcome, followed by meditation that focuses our attention to connect with God. It is in this space that we can open our hearts to the word of God, which inevitably sheds new light upon our inner experience. This is followed by a video that reflects the message of the word and theme for that night.
  • We then get the chance to reflect upon these words with the help of questions that prompt and provoke, with a smaller more intimate group in breakout rooms. This is often the highlight of the night, we share how we are feeling, share how the word lives and breathes through us, and get to hear what is happening for others.
  • To conclude an uplifting song sends us away with a sense of wellbeing even if we also have a heavy heart.

The founder’s vision behind launching the community

When Bridget Sakr identified a gap in the spiritual accompaniment of those in grief, as she grieved the loss of her daughter Veronique, she decided to set up a charity that would fill this need.

I began to navigate a changed reality of life after my beautiful daughter, Veronique was not physically present.  It’s a place where relationships are formed, where trust is built and where stories are heard about our loved ones without judgement or advice giving so that people can openly talk about and express their grief within a community of faith”.

Veronique and her 3 cousins were killed by a speeding driver, who was under the influence of drugs and alcohol. The children were hit by the driver on the footpath as they walked to buy ice cream. Heartfelt honours Veronique, and also pays tribute to her cousins, siblings Antony, Angelina and Sienna, who were also killed. We acknowledge their sister Liana and cousins Charbel and Mabelle who were injured and survived.

Heartfelt members dealing with the impact of grief talk about how helpful the Heartfelt online community has been for them because of how it helps them to deepen into their faith, which has allowed them to connect to parts of themselves and their loved ones in order to continue their loving bonds with each other.

Why it works

In these online sessions, a non-judgmental, safe and trusted community is created where you can talk and express your feelings openly about your grief and life after loss.

It is a place where you can name your loved ones and share your memories and love within the context of faith.

Death does not end their stories.

Death does not end our relationships with them.

Life is changed, not ended. In continuing our bonds with them,

We keep them alive.

Expressions of interest to join the Heartfelt online platform are made when you reach Heartfelt through our contact form. As soon as we receive your message, we will contact you to discuss the options for joining.  One of the benefits of being a member is joining the online sessions.

Meeting new people from the comfort of your own home

Show up as you are, to listen and share however you feel you need.