Listening to the Heartbeat of God in Grief

Those of us who know grief well, also know that the extent of our grief holds at its core the love that is the ongoing bond between ourselves and our loved ones.  In grief, the anger, the sadness, the despair and the confusion are all part of that love that whirls through us.  If we are patient, still, faithful, and compassionate with ourselves, these feelings over time and only when we are ready, rather than consuming and suffocating us, can be transformed into an abundant outpouring of service, gratitude, peace and a deep sense of oneness with God.

Meanwhile as we prepare both consciously and unconsciously for this transformative shift, we can focus on our big desires, knowing that the abundance that is reaped from completing them, will flow forward to others around us.  In St Paul’s letter to the
Corinthians, we are guided to seek and complete that which makes our lives inwardly rich. Abundance shared makes us ever more rich, even though we may not look rich on the outside, and by the same token abundance unshared can be deeply impoverishing.

And so it is the outpouring, the giving of ourselves that creates an abundant spirit yielding the greatest fruits. If grief is the measure of our love, then that love can be transformed into your deepest desire which only you know in the depth of your heart and inner being. Bringing that desire forward into the world as Christ and sharing this with our fellow companions as great acts of charity, kindness, empathy and compassion, may not yield money, but create the outpouring of divine Love that creates a sense of abundant inner wealth.