Heartfelt Community Veronique Hero
Heartfelt Community Veronique Hero

Veronique’s Legacy

Heartfelt began to continue the spiritual bonds with my beautiful daughter, Veronique. Veronique and her 3 cousins were killed by a speeding driver,
who was under the influence of drugs and alcohol. The children were hit by the driver on the footpath as they walked to buy icecream

Heartfelt honours Veronique, and also pays tribute to her cousins Antony, Angelina and Sienna,
who were also killed, and Charbel, Mabelle and Liana who were injured. Click here to read more about Veronique’s cousins, as we pay tribute to them.

Veronique was vibrant, creative, witty and loving and faith-filled–she loved people, animals, cooking, entertaining and being with family and friends.

Even at her young age, Veronique was not attached to material things, she was much more heart-centred and she loved her faith that connected her to everything and everyone. She loved to nurture all those who crossed her path and was wise beyond her years. You could talk to her about anything! She always thought of others and was passionate about giving to those in need.

We’ve gathered some of our favourite pictures and memories of Veronique here, to share with you.

In sharing our memories of our beautiful Veronique, we keep her with us every day.

We know that she lives on through our love, and that this love will grow every day.